Friday, October 16, 2009


My six year old nephew has seen me doing a few dailies and a couple raids now, and he was talking about it with my boyfriend. He apparently said "I hope there's a book about the game so I can learn how to play it when I'm older." Which is pretty cute on its own, but he also said "and I was wondering if maybe there was a way I could make a man?"
So of course we sat him down in front of the character creation screen. His dad was there and thought he should make a male dwarf warrior, but he was pretty adamant about having a female Blood Elf mage. Like, when we asked him whether he wanted to use a sword or magic, the answer "magic!" was instant. And then, while I dithered about how to explain the differences between the various magic-using classes, he pointed at the mage icon and went "the red one is the magic one!" So that's what we went with.
The name stymied us for a bit, because he's, you know, six and staring at a keyboard full of letters is a little intimidating. We ended up using the random name feature and that he was fine. He chose the super-huge bouffant with the hairband but was indifferent to all the other customization options.
Explaining quests was kind of slow. He reads at a second to third grade level, but that's still well below WoW quest text, you know? So we sort of explained what the quests wanted, but also encouraged him to run around, explore, and shoot fireballs at stuff. He was really, really cute. Like, fireball on a new mage is bound to 2, so he'd laboriously navigate within range of a wyrm and then whisper "two!" really intensely as he dramatically pressed the button with his right index finger, followed by "yesss!" when the mana wyrm/lynx died. The best was when he pulled a two-lynx pair, killed them both, and then threw both hands in the air and yelled "go fireball, whoooo!"
Anyway it was pretty cute so I wanted to share.


  1. That is pretty cute ^^
    Also, love the font you use in your header image :)

  2. It really was cute. :D And, thanks! My BF directed me to to look for free fonts for the image.


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