Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm doing more writing for WoW than I am for school

And more reseach, for that matter. I've written and sent off PMs to five raiders with sort of ideas about and responses to our first week of Cataclysm raiding relative to that person. Every single one, even the shorter ones, involve a lot of browser tabs open to guides about that class and spec, their armory, and our WoL logs from those two nights. I honestly can't believe I'm actually doing it, to the point of writing about doing it as a way of procrastinating from finishing it. Even my boyfriend has requested that I do one for him, which I'm a little flustered by: our conversations about the game are generally him holding forth on mechanics and me going "oh, I see," so I have no idea what I could say to him that he wouldn't already know. He's quite adamant that I do something for him, though, so I suppose I'm bound to try.

Wish me luck!

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