Monday, April 11, 2011

Satisfyingly enchanted

I got a couple upgrades during the Very Busy period of the semester, one of which was the VP cloak whose abundance of hit upset the relatively careful balance of all my reforging. In addition to letting my reforging fall out of wack, I actually raided for two nights without any enchantment at all on my cloak. Woops! That's why it felt so good, now that I've had more time to play recently, to really get all my item-enhancement ducks in a row. I purchased the bracer enchant pattern off of the AH and handed it to one of the guild enchanters, so now my bracers have the 50 agility enchant and I don't feel like I'm gimped compared to leatherworkers. We've also been able to do the more expensive boot enchants for most of our raiders, myself included, which is pretty wonderful. Finally, I wandered back over to the reforging guy and optimized my reforging such that I'm only 4 rating over the cap. Wunderbar.

I've also been playing around a lot with tanking on my gathering alt. It's been pretty fun, although I'm getting really sick of Lost City, Grim Batol, and Halls of Origination. I bought her a BoE cloak off of the AH and I think I'm going to be moving on to heroics once I've replaced her hat, probably with the JP purchaseable. It'll be a little scary, since I'll still have a couple greens when I start, but I've also got her relatively well enchanted and, since she's a warrior, she can pop a damage reduction cooldown at the start of every single pull. I've also been having a surprising amount of luck getting people in normals to use CC, so hopefully the people in heroics will be just as willing to use it. I think that, if I play smartly and do things like transition from the shockwave stun into shield block, that should give the DPS enough time to kill enough things that she doesn't get gibbed by the incoming damage. It's been interesting getting a sense for the tank's perspective on things, as well as really making me appreciate how well behaved I am on my hunter, you know? I misdirect, I FD, I single-target the kill target instead of spamming CCed mobs with multi-shot, etc. Some of the very elementary mistakes that hunters in my group are making have me considering making a "how to dungeon" post, even.

What would really be neat would be making guide videos, but I'm just not sure if my computer can handle running FRAPS and instancing at the same time. And then if it could, I've never done any video editing - I don't really know where I'd start. Maybe something to keep at the back of my head for the next expansion.

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