Thursday, November 3, 2011

If only I'd had FRAPS running!

Had a fun little Disengage moment clearing out Firelands last night. We were killing the two worms on the bridge right before Rag and I kind of spaced out and stood in the fire that launches you skyward. If you've never stood in that particular fire before, it's actually pretty fun! It launches you a really substantial distance into the air and then, at the apex, another fireball comes from somewhere or other and knocks you off to a side. This typically lands you in the lava, resulting in death.

Disengage, however, doesn't require that you be standing on anything to be used. Hunters are so awesome that as long as we're in combat we can just sort of fling ourselves around for fun. Whee! So, without the time to look and make sure, I tried to orient myself with my back towards the stairs and then as I began to fall, I tried to guess the right time to disengage back onto the path.

As it happens, I guessed correctly!

Peregrina just kinda alighted nimbly at the top of the staircase and then ran back down to resume shooting at the wormies. It felt pretty awesome. I'm also glad that this game can still put a big grin on my face from time to time, even if I have to stand in fire for it. My only regret is that I wasn't randomly taking video of it. It would have been neat to show that off.

Other than that, I have to say that I want it to be 4.3. Like, now. For a lot of reasons.

I look forward to clearing out the new heroics with guildies, and then even doing some tanking and healing in them on my alts. I'm actually planning on making video from those fives, if there's anything interesting in them (and it looks like there will be).

Even moreso, I'm looking forward to making videos of the encounters in the Dragon Soul raid. I never made videos past Beth'tilac for firelands because I kept dithering about not wanting to upload videos with me making huge mistakes in them and I was extremely disappointed with the results from Windows Movie Maker. I got Sony's amateur video program, but I've still had some difficulties finding a way to render the final videos that looks decent without taking up more hard drive space than the original video took up!

I think I've mostly solved those problems, though, so I'm really hoping to make some quality videos for everyone in the coming months.

Just need that freaking patch released.

On the other hand, my boyfriend is only about 350 seething cinders into the questline for the legendary, so it's kind of nice to minimize the amount of off-night raiding we'll have to organize to finish his staff. The raid is also crazy geared at this point, so it's mostly just been laziness keeping us from doing any heroic modes. We'll probably do some of those next week.

Anyone else excited for Cataclysm's last patch?

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