Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quick note before I go to work

I've been looking at the armories of other hunters, especially Marks hunters, and I think I'm going to be eating some of my words.  I do this pretty often, where I see a new piece of gear with a stat I don't like (in this case the haste on the Crusaders Dragonscale Breastplate) and denounce it.  Later I think about it more, and I notice that there are some nice leather gloves from ToC10, and reconsider my stance on the crafted chest piece.  I'm going to spend some time putting together more gearsets to compare tonight, but I'm thinking I could very easily be reversing my stance on the crafted mail and my insistence on 4pc T9 for hunters.  It's really beginning to look like T9 pants + hat with crafted chest and leather gloves from ToC10 may be the way to go.

Also, who knew this was going to turn into a gear blog?  I am a pretty serious nerd, I guess.


  1. Hey, another wow_lady checking in here xD

    This is totally off topic (tho I'm very interested in this discussion) - how do you embed the wowhead links to do the tooltip pop-up?


  2. Oh! My BF actually found out about this and showed it to me, but it turns out that it's really easy. First, Wowhead has this "powered by Wowhead" page here: The way to get the code snippet on your blog's page is to go to:

    Customize -> layout tab -> page elements -> add an "html/javascript" element.

    That's it! :)

  3. I just wanted to thank you, it worked like a charm! Our guild forum now sports fancy tooltip pop-ups xD


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