Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well, I was first in damage done for heroic Beasts and second (within a tenth of a percent of first) for heroic Faction Champions last night, so that's done a lot to restore my confidence in my ability to not suck.  I did, however, do terribly on Jaraxxus, especially compared to the other hunter in the raid.  Looking at abilities used over the course of the fight, I did less of pretty much everything than the other hunter, so I think my problem is excessive movement.  I'm not sure if I'm positioning myself poorly and that's causing unnecessary movement or if I'm just running too much.  We'll probably start tonight by clearing ToC25 normal real quick, so I'll try to keep myself from moving unless absolutely necessary and see how I do.
I also tamed one of the tan wolves from Mulgore today.  When wolves first became big I went to Terrokkar and got Ironjaw, but over time I've come to sort of dislike his tusks and coloration.  Leveling a new pet is mildly annoying, but will be worth it looking better.

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