Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One of THOSE posts

So it's been a couple weeks since I've posted.  The reason lies, as it so often does, in real life.  After two years of on-again, off-again temp work in Florida, I moved to the Twin Cities in Minnesota and got a full-time, permanent position.  And while I'm thankful to have a job, a place to live, and a bed to sleep on, I'm getting up very early and working a lot of hours.  I've been habitually late to raids and often performing poorly when I'm there, in large part because I'm just so freaking tired.  I've had to make the difficult decision to step down from raiding in general, which means Prathi is mostly getting shelved.
This is kinda sad for me - I was really excited about the set bonuses on hunter T10! - but I just can't make the time to raid right now.  I really, simply can't.  And that means I'm not doing the research, raiding, and reading to make it possible for me to write this blog.  I'll be leaving it up - and I think I'm going to update the gear guide now that triumph emblems fall from heroic bosses like delicious candy - but I think Piercing Shots will be on hold until, at least, Cataclysm.
That said, I haven't stopped playing entirely.  I've got a poor neglected disc priest that's having a lot of fun with the random dungeon feature.  And thank you to the two people that have written emails recently!  I'm sorry for being so silent.  For Nicoran - the only way I can think of a pet grabbing aggro off of a tank is if the tank hadn't actually hit it.  Make sure your pet is set to passive (/petpassive) and wait until an avenger's shield (or whatever) has hit the boss before you ctrl+1.  Remember that some bosses have aggro wipes as well, and a pet with dash on could conceivably get back in and bite the boss before the tank had re-established aggro.  If this is happening on a boss without an aggro wipe and well into the fight, then... something's going wrong.  Maybe a mischievous rogue is trixing pets?  I dunno.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy holiday!


  1. Yay for MM hunters!

    Yay for MM hunter bloggers!

    Yay for MM hunters bloggers that live in the Twin Cities and can't find the time to raid as much lately!

    Seriously, that's like my exact situation (and I do indeed live in the Twin Cities).

    Grats on the job though, but pooh on the limited play time. I feel your pain. Hunters 4 Life!

  2. I'm not a MM hunter (SV ftw!), but I too blog and live in the Twin Cities. Must be something in the water :D Yay for jobs! Boo for fatigue!


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