Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am probably mostly competent

As Cataclysm ended, the most progressed Alliance guild on my server was the Borean Kilted Yaksmen, so whenever I see one of them advertising pugged raid spots in trade I generally send a tell. One of them was advertising last night for three DPS for Argoloth, the pit lord living in Baradin Hold. I said I'd love to come, got an invite, and flew over to the enchanting hut to reforge for the raid hitcap. Which, by the way, I love the new stats pane on the character window - it really demystifies hit, and the convenience of not having to go to wowwiki or anything to adjust your hit for heroics vs. raids is wonderful.
Surprisingly, we didn't kill him. On the first attempt I DCed, and I believe they wiped to the enrage. On the second attempt a healer died, followed eventually by everyone else. On the last attempt, we just plain ol' wiped to enrage.
I wasn't logging for WoL, of course, but recount's rough estimates are enough to give me a good sense of how I'm doing. I had worse gear than, at the least, the other hunter in the group, as well as being mostly unenchanted. I still edged her out a bit in damage done, with the first two attempts being in the high 13s and the last attempt at about 14.2k DPS. I think the last one probably snuck up a bit because of the time spent in kill shot range.
I'm still making mistakes, such as spamming my explosive shot button and then having a Lock and Load proc pop up. It's really a bad idea to button-spam these days, but it's a habit I picked up as a one-button class in BC and I haven't totally broken myself of it. I also had some minor focus capping and focus starvation issues, but for the most part I think I managed things pretty well. Room for a couple hundred DPS in improvement, but things are still new.
The Cataclysm heroics are fun, but I really look forward to returning to raiding with the guild. We've got some really great players in every role, and it was fun last night having lots of people on vent and chatting as we went through H-HoO.

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