Monday, December 6, 2010

Another brief point, this time about raiding

I was helping my young nephew work on his spelling words tonight, and at one point I urged him to work on writing very slowly. This is because he's had a problem with spelling the word correctly for the Friday quiz yet still getting marked wrong because his writing is illegible. His lower-case "Hs" are often indistinguishable from his lower-case "Ns," for example. When he writes very slowly and deliberately, however, his letters are perfectly legible and his spelling test scores would go up if they always looked like that.
His response was "well, we also only have a little bit of time to write each word."
This seems like a reasonable objection on the face of it, but in reality he hasn't even once missed a word because he took too long writing it out. He has missed words to poor handwriting, so what I said to him was "ok, when you have that come up as a problem, then we'll work on writing faster."
Raiders are like my nephew more often than most of us would like to admit, so I would suggest this simple rule as a guiding principle for your own progression woes:
"Fix the problems you have."
I'm sure we've many of us suggested an alteration to our guild's current tactics working on a new boss and been met with objections like "but then we'll be taking too long and we might wipe on the enrage timer." The response to these objections is easy:
"Well, when we wipe to the enrage timer we'll address that issue. Right now we're wiping because of [whatever], so we're going to fix that first. Ok?"
Hypotheticals are important to consider, of course, but it's still got to come down to fixing whatever it is you're actually wiping on, right now.

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