Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pre-raid gear post is going to need another update before too long

I've been doing more reading of forums as well as actually putting everything into Female Dwarf. The DPS I've been doing in dungeons has been based pretty much on reading tooltips doing what seemed intuitive, and this has certainly done pretty well so far. But there are some intriguing little twists to the focus-based hunter that I haven't really internalized yet. Haste in particular as a secondary stat varies widely in its value: it's one of those stats that plateaus for us now. By this I mean that there are certain values of haste which are very important, and everything in between is kind of underwhelming. This is because, at certain values, you will generate enough focus in between explosive shots to fire an extra arcane shot. If 100 haste rating and 300 haste rating both get you an extra arcane, then those values are very important and will net you a lot of DPS. 173 haste, however, doesn't get you much of anything.
This means I'm going to have to figure out which plateau I want my pre-raid gear to hit and how I want to hit it. On the positive side, however, this makes reforging a lot less intimidating. I've already been making use of reforging to make up for a scarcity of hit, and now I know that I can have specific haste targets to shoot for which is much nicer than staring at all my stuff and thinking "just because I can reforge, does that mean I should? If so, from what to what?"
I'm geared to the point where I can queue for heroics, which is exciting. I'm sure some groups will fall apart, but that's ok. I am afraid that I've blown all my luck on items from normal dungeons, though: I literally have not lost a roll yet.
The part of me that's inclined towards Super Hardcore Raiding sort of wants to drop alchemy for leatherworking, as the LW profession perk is just so much better than any of the other perks and my gathering alt is a worgen that would get a bonus to skinning. But then I think about leveling another profession from zero and just... no.

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