Monday, December 6, 2010

One brief thought on lowbie tanking

So my little druid has been playing around as a bare in the lowbie dungeons. It's sometimes a little more frustrating and difficult than being a DPS in those dungeons, but the flipside to that particular coin is that DPSing lowbie dungeons is awfully boring. Especially in these days of heirlooms and practiced raiders leveling alts, you run into a fair amount of DPS that likes to do some of their own pulling. The first time this happened I was fairly incensed, but I've become fairly indifferent to it.
What it comes down to, for me, is that if someone else pulls it, I don't need to tank it. So I don't. If there's a DPS grabbing a mob of their own and kiting it around and killing it without:
  1. Taking so much healer attention that I die
  2. Face-pulling extra mobs
  3. Pulling and then leaving it alone so it winds up on the healer
Then it's all just as well, isn't it? They're keeping themselves entertained, I don't have to tank that one thing, and we're clearing the dungeon anyway.

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