Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back from vaction

I just got back from a few days spent up at the cabin one of my uncles owns on a Northwoods Minnesota lake. I had a pretty excellent time, did some swimming and some fishing, saw some loon families with their fluffy gray chicks, too big by now to ride around on their parents' backs. It's always very nice when I'm able to get up there for a few days.

WoW-wise, I've got videos captured for Shannox and Rhyolith, but I don't think Baleroc is going to get a video, since that encounter amounts to "stand there and do damage". We've got enough DPS without a minimum range that it seems like it would just add extra difficulty to the encounter for no real gain.

The guild has had a couple bad wipe nights on Beth'tilac and Baleroc (as well as previously on Cho'gall) that are collectively resulting a guild meeting that will hopefully come together tonight. We basically have to decide, as a guild, how strongly we're going to push performance, and what we're going to do when people fall behind on performance. This obviously has the potential for a lot of drama, so I'm going to be stepping very carefully.

I also think that any problems we may have are exacerbated quite a bit by the current size of the raid team, which is such that on weeks when everyone signs up, we've got 3-4 people benched every night. This drives me nuts because we're also still struggling to fill the raid on weeks when the stars align and 3-4 people can't make it. I'm doing my best to rotate raiders fairly, but "fair" can be understood differently depending on what criteria you use.

Wish us luck!

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