Friday, July 29, 2011

Target Dummy Bosses

I'm not really a fan of the design of the Baleroc encounter, but I get why it's in the tier, and I think I would actually like it quite a bit if I were still raiding on my priest as my main character. It would be fun to really feel like I had the healer rotation down, was building stacks of vital spark, and seeing really hugely big green numbers on the tanks (our resto druid was getting 40k lifebloom ticks, for example).

As a hunter, however, I don't even have to watch the rotation on the purple crystals - I just stand motionless, 40 yards out, and cycle through my DPS abilities. Even our melee don't have too hard a time of it - once they'd had a few pulls to practice, they didn't even have to say very much at all on vent. It was a very silent boss kill, just the occasional tank notification of a taunt or me asking for bloodlust at 40% (next week I'll wait 'till 30, I think).

The very simplicity of this boss makes it popular amongst the more epeen-conscious DPS players, though, and I'm sure that there's a thread in the DD forums right now asking for peoples' Baleroc DPS. Within that thread I would imagine there's a range of claimed DPS between 20,000 and 35,000, in addition to a number of people making fun of the 20s and calling the 35s liars.

I felt pretty good about my number from last night, even though it's 4,000 DPS behind the median MM hunter DPS from the top 100 Baleroc 10-normal parses on raidbot. I think that for my gear and raid, it was pretty good and probably the best Baleroc hunter parse on the server. And that, of course, is why people like the target-dummy bosses that pop up every so often: they like to be able to compare themselves. Shannox DPS is going to vary widely depending on how much target-switching you have to do, Rhyolith and Beth have a lot of AoE and/or damage reduction, Alysrazor has the flying buff that hunters will probably never get, so on and so forth. People like to say "I can do this much DPS when nothing interferes with it." So, you know, I get that. I'm still not going to look forward to the encounter every week.

I'm going to try very hard to get my Rhyolith video done today and uploading over the night tonight. No promises, though! Those things take a while.

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