Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh RNG loot. Sometimes I hate you a lot.

It's true that I got bracers and a crossbow on the guild's first night in the Firelands, but I'm also getting really, really bitter about T11 shoulder tokens. Last night we'd organized an off-night T11 raid to try to clear the tier to get people credit for that and maybe those last couple drops that people might have wanted. Hunter T11 4pc is good for MM hunters. Really good. Like, so good that you don't even replace it until you've got 4pc T12. I was hoping that Cho'gall might drop a protector token, now that the content is no longer relevant. You know, maybe he'd finally relent, since he didn't drop one single solitary protector token before 4.2. But nope, he just keeps dropping conqueror. One of our conq people picked it up for her OS, which is I suppose nice. Sigh.

Wanna know what Al'akir dropped?

A conqueror shoulder token.

I think it went to someone for a third spec they were thinking about trying at some point. Or something. Sigh.


I'm not sure how FL is going to go this week. We have 3-4 of our core team that can't make it both days, which means bringing people that don't usually come, raiding in offpsecs, raiding on alts for progression stuff, and maybe even pugging. None of these things lend themselves to success. But! Hopefully I'll have opportunities to do video of Shannox and Rhyolith.

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