Thursday, September 1, 2011


WoW crashed last night when I alt-tabbed to check who the Rhyolith drops would go to (answer: "the auction house" and "the druid's crucible to get melted") and I forgot to turn combat logs back on. I had really been mostly looking forward to the Baleroc logs to see how the new glyph setup did there, because that encounter basically removes all the confounding factors. Sadly, we do Baleroc after Rhyolith and that meant I didn't have logs of it.

I've done what I can with looking at Shannox logs, and actually, initial results look good. There seems to be a lot more variance in individual chimera shots and when they happen, and of course I'm not getting the full second out of the glyph. But I'm pretty frequently getting half a second or a little more out of it, which means it's not unreasonable to think that I could be getting an extra Chimera Shot squeezed into an encounter.

I suppose things are inconclusive so far, but I didn't seem to eat a huge DPS loss (and in fact went up a couple thousand DPS over previous Shannox kills), so I suppose I'm keeping the glyph and hardcasting Aimed Shot for now.

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