Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apparently I Have The Soul of an Actuary

I just realized I had the most boring WoW dream that has ever been dreamed. Yes. I dreamt that cauldrons suddenly came in containers that weren't BoP, so I'd be able to give cauldrons to the raid when I couldn't be present.

Seriously. That is a dream I had. It wasn't even something cool like dreaming about killing heroic rag or getting a shoulder upgrade (lol, as if that will ever happen), I dreamt about a minor convenience.

The title of this post is probably unfair. I bet there are plenty of actuaries that use their piles of ill-gotten cash to snort cocaine off of the six-packs of male models and then leap out of airplanes or something. This dream probably means I'm uniquely, startlingly boring.

I am also now disappointed in the Blogger spellchecker. "Dreamt" is perfectly acceptable usage, it's simply more common in British English than in American. And "dreamed" sounds weird to me.

I should probably go get ready for work now.

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