Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meeting people! Also Alysrazor!

My boyfriend and myself recently hung out with one of our guildies, the lovely Maae. It was fun! She's in fact the first WoW-guildie I've met that I didn't know before I even started playing the game so, although I've met internet friends face to face before, this was a first WoW-based meeting.

Now that I put it that way, I'm actually pretty surprised at that - I've been playing this game for quite a while, even if I've taken a break here and there. I guess most of my guildies have historically been on the coasts, and I've generally been a Midwestern boy (minus a few years in upstate NY, Florida, and elsewhere).

It was a little bit of an adventure organizing the meeting. Said boyfriend works days and I work nights, so there was no really obvious time when we'd both be awake without at least one of us at work. What we ended up doing was that he took a nap after he got off work, then we went and picked her up after midnight, when I got off work. Then we hung out and talked in a Perkins for a bit. Nothing very exciting! But when you only have limited opportunities for stuff like this, you've got to take advantage of them in whatever way you can.

We had a somewhat heartbreaking night on Alysrazor on Thursday. On the one hand, I feel like once everyone is really comfortable with the tornadoes, she'll be a quick addition to the farm content roster and going 5/7 on our first night will be really easy. On the other hand arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh we're so close. Our DPS is high enough that we won't even be making it to the second burn phase. She's going to re-ignite once and then fall from the sky, dead, about 20 seconds after that. We just need to get a single clean phase 1, a tornado-death-free transition, and she'll die.

Also, Alys is a good fight for DPS in terms of alternative things to epeen about. It was fun going to the various wipes and looking at the "damage taken" graphs, unchecking everyone's name but my own and enjoying the way my green line lay dormant along the bottom of the graph.

So yes: Alysrazor should die this coming week. She really, really should.

Then Staghelm.

Then Rag.

It is hard to express how much I would like to clear the tier on normal difficulty before 4.3 hits. And there are guilds on my server that started work on Rag like 3 weeks ago and still don't have it.

On the other hand, stressing out about it won't help either!

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