Saturday, August 6, 2011


I've updated the Marksmanship and the gear guide posts, which is exciting. I think the gear guide at least will be stable for a couple months, which is a boon - all that link copy and pasting is a pain. It's like... the most looked-at page on my blog, though, so I really ought to have updated it earlier. So many people google that thing! I hope it's been a force for good in the world.

There are also daily posts to the WoW hunter forum about haste plateaus for MM and SV (mostly MM, of course), so I've decided I need to write a post just on those. It's funny how very different the brains of the super-mathy folks are from my own. I mean I do fine with math, I placed into second-semester calculus my freshman year at University, but the theorycrafters always find a way to phrase things and format tables and abbreviate things such that it totally obfuscates things for me. Which I should be thankful for! The effort of translating all that stuff back into (I hope) more intuitive language is the whole purpose of this blog.

My guild is also at an interesting point. I've been spying on the parses from the server-first guild, and our parses are in many ways either just as good as or, in some cases, superior to theirs. And they're 7/7 FL normals with heroic Shannox dead (yes, I'm on a low-progression server). The important bit is that, present within the ranks of my guild's raiding core, is a team that could have cleared the normals by now. I've definitely made plenty of mistakes trying to build and maintain this raid team, but I feel like we're getting close to the point where we can really distinguish ourselves as accomplished, casual raiders.

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