Monday, November 29, 2010

Low-level random dungeons: meeting the moon-people

I suppose that, sad as this is, it really should not surprise me that the wow-playing population is perhaps not as well socialized as one might hope. Nonetheless, I'm surprised at how completely bizarre some of these interactions have been. I just - I simply don't understand some of the rudeness I've encountered. I'm pretty sure Oliver Sacks would be just fascinated by some of the dysfunction. Here are a couple examples:
  1. Tanking scarlet monastery's library, I at some point or other mentioned LoS. You know, the common and widely-known abbreviation for "line of sight"? A member of the party accused me of laziness because, get this, I hadn't typed out the whole phrase. I'm serious. He asked what it meant, I explained, and then he called me lazy for using an abbreviation. Verdict: from the moon. There is no way you could be reared amongst regular Earthlings and think that this made any sense.
  2. I was in a WSG and there was a flag stand-off. A rogue and myself snuck up on the opposing team's roof, where we almost returned the flag. Almost! It was so close. So while waiting to respawn I said: "Shoot." Someone in battleground chat cared so deeply about my word choice that he berated me for not using a stronger word. This one is even weirder to me, so I'm thinking Venusian. I mean, really? On what planet does it ever occur to someone to say: "that person really should have sworn, I shall inform them of their deficiency." Possibly Venus? I know it still seems like a stretch, but it's more believable than the relative neighborliness of the moon and I'm trying to be charitable.
Other than that, there's just been the garden-variety rudeness of the mage that wants to do the pulling for me, but that's pretty standard. It still makes me want to reach through the monitor, grab hold of the person by their shoulders and shake them as hard as I can. I'm not sure why I think that vigorous agitation will fix the problems here: it's just one of those feelings that you get deep down in your heart. You simply know it's the right thing to do. I think maybe my subconscious reasoning is "it works pretty well on clothes in the washing machine, so why not moon-people on the internet?"

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