Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thurvik and Diwali

Hooray for the shattering! As soon as I could I made a little dorf shaman named Thurvik. He has the mail heirlooms (mailooms?) and two big hammers with the crusader shimmer on them, which is pretty satisfying. He's kind of fun, and he's definitely way more fun than the shaman I got to 17 a few months ago. But he's just nowhere near as entertaining as Diwali, the troll druid I made after I got Thurvik to 12. She's now 35 and is just starting in on Desolace.
Being a druid and doing the horde-side quests in Ashenvale and Stonetalon was kind of... odd. The questlines mostly seem to be along the lines of "time to clearcut the forests and stripmine the minerals, FOR THE HORDE!" Which I would be fine with if she were an orcish warrior, but she is not. She is a druid. She draws her power from nature, and trolls have been a forest and jungle-dwelling people for hundreds or thousands of years anyway. Stonetalon, at least, was a little bit redeemed by the very final quest, where you get to see Hellscream be a little bit less of an idiot.
I've also tanked a couple instances on her. Specifically I've tanked Scarlet Monastery: Library and the lasher wing of Maraudon. It's a little tough because I don't have swipe and glyphed maul only hits two targets, but I've been doing ok so far. What I really wish I had were some damage reduction cooldowns. I'm going to be getting a few in the next five levels or so, which is nice.
First time tanking and first time healing were both quite similar. For both roles I've been very intimidated and put the whole thing off in favor of more questing for level after level. What finally gave me the confidence to try tanking was talking with my BF about it for a bit, not least because he reminded me that, you know, glyphs exist.
Of course having a horde druid doesn't do my alliance mains much good, but that's fine, because seeing all the hordeside stuff has made me excited for my worgen warrior. I've now seen some of the worgen animations and I love them so much. And I'm really just totally down for open warfare with the Forsaken. Pradzha rode through Hillsbrad on the way to SM to help my BF tame one of the crusade's mastiffs, and on the way she encountered bears with spider eggs on their backs. Hurrrrrrrrrgh. Urrgl! Shudder. So gross. I think Blizzard has finally made a quest chain I wouldn't be able to complete. Oh god. Parasites: nein. So yes. I am absolutely ready to roll a plate-wearing wolf lady and fight off the genocidal undead. And then in a few months I can roll a goblin rogue and experience the goblin starting area and Azshara. Yay!

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