Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pugging Arthas and killing time

I saw someone in trade looking for a healer for LK10 last night and I had a free hour, so I hopped on my holy priest and helped out. They actually made it to p3 before wiping on the first attempt, which made me hopeful, but we still hadn't killed him by the time I had to go.
Incidentally, it was nice to hear one of them on vent say "oh no, the rockin' healer has to leave?" But yeah, no kill. It's interesting how raids differ. My guild raid had and still has its biggest difficulty dealing with defile. It consistently gets too big, and then that forces the raid out of the center, or a couple people are getting clipped by it so it expands faster than they can run, or whatever. One way or another, defile is what kills us.
With this raid last night, the defiles were beautiful. But as soon as the first transition was done, the DPS wanted to kill the Lich King yesterday! That last raging spirit? Psh, the tank's got it. Val'kyr? Whatever, it's probably the fault of the person she picked up. The important thing, for these folks, was doing more damage to Arthas.
The problem with this instinct is that it led to them getting frequent little tastes of phase 3 - just like we did on the first attempt - so they decided that they were doing it right. Despite the fact that their desperate sprinting for P3 meant we were just going to wipe to viles because the two remaining DPS couldn't actually do anything about them. For my guild raid, like the 2nd or 3rd time we made it to phase 3, we killed him.
Anyway, I just thought it was interesting how raids develop in different ways.
Other than that, we're definitely in full-fledged "can it please just be the Cataclysm already?" mode. Over the past couple days I've been farming the old-world enchant patterns for the afore-mentioned priest, who is also my enchanter. I've got Crusader, fiery, 15 agility to weapon, 25 agility to 2h weapon, and lifestealing. The last one was probably the most annoying, because I had to get the key to Scholomance, which involved going from WPL to freaking Gadgetzan, from Gadget to Un'goro, realizing I needed a thorium bar, flying to Darnassus to buy one and flying back to Un'goro, realizing I needed two thorium bars and flying back again, etc. Good god the classic questlines were awful, sometimes. Nothing says "fun" like AFKing for a 15-minute flight path. But now I've got almost all the standard enchants people need for their heirlooms.
Apparently getting the spellpower enchant is more involved, possibly involving one of the classic raids? Which makes me wonder if it's going away? I should probably get that as well. And I should probably farm up some righteous orbs (oh, so that's what their blog is named after...) to put crusader on the new heirloom axe I got for my furry warrior.
Clearly there's stuff to do - just not very fun stuff. For me, at least. Which is why it could really be the Cataclysm any day now, please.

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