Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm sort of floating around the WoW blog biome today, mostly looking for writers I really enjoy to add to my teensy weensy little blogroll over there to the right. I have some sort of vague idea that doing this (and then commenting on other blogs) is part of how one gets one's own blog read. My first find is Righteous Orbs, which I very much enjoy. Reading through their stuff, though, I realized that a lot of what I like is that they're telling stories.
"Of course!" I said to myself, "these strange human creatures love their 'stories'! If only I had tales of my own to tell, perhaps I would have some readers!"
You know it's serious when every single sentence and fragment is concluded with an exclamation mark. One of the best sources of stories is pugging frequently. Pugging puts you in groups with random people who may or may not have a firm grip, or even a trembling palsied grip, on any of the game's concepts. Pugs are how you meet melee hunters, undergeared tanks that went off their meds and have developed delusions of being skilled and overgeared, healers who spend 80% of their time just watching healthbars go down, etc. You know, all of the stuff that makes for all those great (if somewhat mean-spirited) stories. Sadly, even during periods when I'm pugging constantly to try to gear up, I seem to mostly have good luck with groups. The vast majority of the people I play with are at least mildly competent, and a good half the rest suffer only minor impairments.
While this makes grinding gear much more pleasant, it makes for something of a shallow, scummy pool to try to skim stories from. Luckily, with Cataclysm coming out, I'm sure there will be several months-worth of gibbering, drooling primates hooting imprecations at one another in the midst of wiping to trash. This misery, in turn, will become alchemically transformed into delightful stories! Yay!
Unrelated: I halfway expect to finally get our Lich King kill tonight, after the summer slump destroyed the raid for so long. And if not tonight, I am absolutely certain he'll die next week. I am quite excited.
Oh, and I've added disqus comments to the blog, so conversations thread now. Hooray!

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